Aliens & Legend Examined In Documentary/Thriller MONTAUK CHRONICLES!


Writer/Director Christopher Garetano has been a friend of Icons for quite a long time, almost ten years to be exact! Robg interviewed Garetano twice (read those here & here) over the course of two years, discussing his documentary HORROR BUSINESS (as well as its sequel, SON OF HORROR BUSINESS) and his fantasy/period drama based on the making of THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE titled SOUTH TEXAS BLUES. It’s been quite awhile since we’ve caught up with Garetano, but he’s been busy with the incredibly interesting and eerie looking MONTAUK CHRONICLES, a documentary centered around the legend and controversial Camp Hero Air Force Base.

A new trailer has debuted, filled with looks of terrifying little green men and other wild imagery, all set to a thumping retro score. Check that out below, and hit the pre-order links too to reserve your Blu-ray, DVD, and soundtrack vinyl!


Montauk Chronicles explores and challenges the legends, that have gained world-wide notoriety, by interviewing the men directly involved with the project: Stewart Swerdlow, Preston Nichols, and Alfred Bielek. The result, is a unique hybrid of one part documentary and one part cosmic thriller, as the bizarre stories have been illustrated, cinematically, throughout the investigation. The documentary examines all currently available information and also never before seen footage from inside the now defunct Camp Hero Air Force base, where the Montauk Project allegedly occurred. Filmmaker Christopher Garetano takes you on a cinematic journey into the abyss and down the rabbit hole that is… Montauk Chronicles.

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