Watch Tom Holland’s Horror Anthology Series TWISTED TALES Exclusively On FEARnet!


Tom Holland is one of the most underappreciated stalwarts of horror cinema. Not only did the man write & direct one of the finest horror-comedies of all time with FRIGHT NIGHT (there are a myriad of other reasons why this films rules, but let’s save that for another day), but he kickstarted the CHILD’S PLAY series that just saw it’s 6th installment this year with CURSE OF CHUCKY, and wrote PSYCHO II & CLASS OF 1984 for crying out loud! His praises aren’t sung enough outside of our community, but that doesn’t discount the fact that he is without a doubt a legend.

His latest project (before heading off to adapt Stephen King’s short story THE TEN O’CLOCK PEOPLE) is a new series titled TOM HOLLAND’S TWISTED TALES, a horror anthology of shorts that are now available exclusively over at FEARnet! There are 9 episodes total, all featuring quite a few notable faces from your favorite genre films new & old! Start your very own marathon by watching those here, and be sure to check out an interview with Holland on his TWISTED TALES below!

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