Sam Lives! TRICK ‘R TREAT 2 Is Official!


Beyond Fest is wrapping up its debut year of programming, but tonight a screening of Mike Dougherty’s perennial classic TRICK ‘R TREAT yielded some incredible news. During the live Q&A, Legendary Pictures officially announced a sequel: TRICK ‘R TREAT 2 is a go!

Dougherty will be back as writer/director, and Sam – the pint sized, living (and undead) embodiment of the spirit of Halloween – will return to make sure the rules are followed. In an interview with EW, Dougherty says “There’s nothing I can reveal yet. It’s still really early in the process, but I can definitely say that we’ll be exploring Sam more and maybe getting into some back story of who and what he actually is.”

Hopefully TRICK ‘R TREAT 2 is given a proper theatrical release that the first film was robbed of. Watch the video below for the full Q&A and the exclusive announcement!

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