UPDATED! ATTN LA: HALLOWEEN 6: Producer’s Cut Screens In 35mm At New Bev Oct 26th!

Friday 13th VII-The New Blood

UPDATE: Brace yourselves, cause this is some major news. Brian has been able to secure a 35mm print of the supremely rare Producer’s Cut of HALLOWEEN 6! This has never been screened publicly (as far as I know), and is positively the best way to see what-could-have-been before Dimension mangled it to bits. Screenwriter Dan Farrands will be attending for a special introduction and Q&A, so it pretty much goes without saying that this screening is mandatory. If you’re for whatever reason unable to attend, queue up your HALLOWEEN 6 DVD or Blu-ray, and give our Fright Exclusive Pirate Commentary with Dan Farrands a listen here!  Read on below for the original post!

If you’re a denizen of Los Angeles, love a 6th installment of a certain franchise, and just want to support a fellow cinephile, then listen up! Brian Collins, the maniac behind Horror Movie A Day and now Badass Digest, has selected HALLOWEEN 6: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS as his monthly pick to grace the screen of the New Beverly Cinema!

Sure H6 has it’s myriad of problems, but it concludes the Thorn Trilogy, and features Donald Pleasence in his last role as Dr. Sam Loomis. Plus, it’s in 35mm, and with the studios growing more fickle than ever on renting out prints, this may be your last shot at seeing this on the big screen.

The screening is this Saturday, October 26th, at 11:59t he New Beverly Cinema, 7165 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles 90036. Buy your tickets in advance here! The screening poster above was designed Jacopo Tenani, so bask in it’s beauty above!

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