GeekNation’s Mosters Bring A New Kind Of Motion To Your Movie Poster

We all love movie posters. I couldn’t even tell you how many hours I’ve spent crawling through cool poster artwork on Mondo and Reelizer. Well, the folks over at GeekNation have created a new section on their site devoted to Mosters.  The term “Moster” was coined by GeekNation and is basically a high resolution animation clip inspired by the art of an original film’s theatrical one-sheet authorized by the movie’s studio. These upgraded motion posters use only the elements from the original movie poster it’s based on and cannot use any footage from the movie it’s teasing. Even so, under 20 seconds of animation give enough of a taste to tease the story, add a new element to iconic film imagery and supply a new level of immersion in the world of poster art and entertainment. Not to mention, some of the Mosters in question feature cool movie specific Easter eggs.

The first Moster was commissioned by Lionsgate for the film HARD CANDY (starring Ellen Page) and was created by Andy Collen at Happy Trails Animation. Since the introduction of this feature to the site, GeekNation has added Mosters for the likes of JAWS, PLANET TERROR, 1408, SAW IV and more. Below is just a sample of the nifty things they have going on.

Pretty cool, if you ask me. To check out all the cool Mosters, go to their official site and start pressing play now!

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