Platinum Dunes Going Found Footage For Thirteenth FRIDAY THE 13TH Film?


Now that the rights are back with Paramount (for a brief period), and Platinum Dunes’ grasp still around Jason Voorhees, a sequel is pretty much guaranteed…but maybe not in the way you want/expect. Ryan Turek at Shock Till You Drop has been reporting for quite a while that Dunes has been wanting to make a found-footage FRIDAY THE 13TH film, and apparently that hasn’t changed. Turek reports that “producers are fielding pitches from writers all over town and what I’ve been hearing from a few sources is that they’re looking at a way to apply Friday the 13th to a “found footage” story.”

It’s no secret that Paramount is found-footage crazy, with their PARANORMAL ACTIVITY series and no-third-act-vatican-school-cum-possession film THE DEVIL INSIDEĀ generating massive amounts of cash for them. To be blunt, it sucks. It sucks that our beloved genre is being manufactured to suit a lazy form of storytelling solely because it’s cost ineffective. They know we’ll always be clamoring for a return to Crystal Lake, and regardless of who’s behind it or the way it’s shot, for better or worse we’re the first to buy a ticket.

So, what you’re thoughts on the thirteenth FRIDAY THE 13TH film going found-footage? Sound off below.

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