Classic Trailers: CHILD’S PLAY (1988)!!


Chucky has become a household name for horror by now, but in 1988, when CHILD’S PLAY was released, crowds were scared, shocked and enthralled by a new horror villain, trapped inside the body of a doll. The trailer for that film is an equally intense one, that while getting silly at times (“There’s nothing fun about murder“..), is definitely one of the great horror trailers. Let’s take a look!:

From the opening United Artists title, the music kicks in, giving viewers a mixture of holiday music with terror in one musical cue. It’s a great touch, that sets a creep tone throughout the trailer. What I love about the trailer, is how little we actually see Chucky. I’ve always thought less is more when it comes to horror trailers, as opposed to today’s crop, which show pretty much the endings of the movies even (PIRANHA 3D, I’m looking at you). The trailer does spoil the death of Maggie, which is unfortunate, but aside from that, it leaves most of it to your imagination, getting you excited to see the film. After CHILD’S PLAY came out, we all knew who Chucky was, and it almost killed the experience that the first film was, which was scaring the hell out of audiences. CHILD’S PLAY (and especially this trailer for the film) made viewers anxious to finally see what was going to happen, to see the demented doll strike. It’s a solid trailer for one of the most solid horror films of all time.

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