The Party Gets Wild in New +1 Stills!!


Dennis Iliadis’ +1 (the follow up to his LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT remake) is opening in select theaters September 20th, and judging from the stills below, things get pretty crazy. The film seems to have a real party-gone wrong vibe, with an INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS twist to it. Count me in, but what about you fright fiends?

Director: Dennis Iliadis
Writers: Billy Gullo (screenplay), Dennis Iliadis (story)
Cast: Rhys Wakefield, Logan Miller, Ashley Hinshaw, Natalie Hall
Producer: Tim Perell
Genre: Supernatural thriller
Distributor: IFC Midnight
“In this supernatural thriller, three college friends go to the biggest party of the year, each looking for something different: love, sex and a simple human connection. When a mysterious phenomenon disrupts the party, it lights a fuse on what will become the strangest night anyone has ever seen. As the three friends struggle to find what they’re looking for, the party quickly descends into a chaos that challenges if they can stay friends or if they can even stay alive.”








+1 invades parties everywhere,..or just limited theaters September 20th via IFC Midnight.

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