Exploitation Alley: NIGHT OF A THOUSAND CATS!!


A few years ago, I was introduced to a movie by a couple of good friends, they let me borrow it and have never asked for it back. Or even take it back when I offered to give it to them. I had the pleasure of seeing it about four years ago, and I couldn’t believe how unintentionally hilarious it was. I can only describe this as a movie that is “so bad it is good, wait no It’s actually not good at all it is pretty bad…Ok I just laughed so hard I almost peed myself”, and a totally unnecessary film. I mean, the fact that this even exists just blows my mind. So I invite you all to waste 63 minutes of your life laughing at this week’s Exploitation Alley: NIGHT OF 1000 CATS!!!!! Also known as LA NOCHE DE LOS MIL GATOS, it was directed by Rene Cardona Jr., and was released in Mexico in 1972. It was not released in the United States till 1974.

The movie starts out with a few confusing scenes. We see Hugo, (played by Hugo Stiglitz) and is hooking up with chicks like the whole opening credits. It’s like, we get it he is hot…ok. And when that seems excessive, he is riding around in a helicopter with a beautiful strawberry blonde. Yes, a helicopter. This scene lasts about five minutes too long. Hugo takes her to his castle. Yes, he clearly has everything. So, Hugo shows the gal around, she meets his creepy ass cook, sees his extensive collection of taxidermy animals, and his large cage full of cats. Does that weird her out? No. Any normal person would have been out of there so fast, but not her so she falls victim to Hugo and becomes dinner for his cats. Hugo then searches for his feline army’s next meal. So of course, he has to go in his helicopter because apparently, women dig guys that drive a helicopter. He picks up a random lady, and brings her back to his place for some “castle loving” and it is pretty awkward considering the weird way the camera keeps zooming in on dead animals on the wall while they are in bed together. It is bad. However, she is saved by a Doctor who stops by to ask for help when his car breaks down, and informs Hugo and his lady friend that he is on his way to visit a sick little girl. Thinking about her little girl who she left home alone (Yeah, Mother of the year), she flees. Unfortunately, the Doctor has become the nights meow mix. I wish I could say the film gets better after a while. No, it doesn’t.

It gets weirder and more unbelievable as it continues. It lasts all the way up to the ending that is about as ridiculous as the entire film. Now, like most exploitation films back in the day that required animals, we all know they tended to be a bit rough with animals. This film is no exception, there are cats being thrown around, and a scene where Hugo attempts to drown a cat. Yeah, it can be very disturbing. I have seen some bad scenes in films, but those scenes were extremely hard to watch.

From beginning to end, this movie is like watching a bunch of people puking. It might be funny, you might be entertained, but you will wonder why you stood there watching so many people puking for so long and wondering why you wasted time watching it. I think fans of the Exploitation genre will find this amusing, and will enjoy making fun of the bad acting, unbearable musical score, and horrible story line. Don’t get me wrong, it is quite entertaining, if you are entertained by movies that are just so ridiculous bad. Luckily, this is only one hour and three minutes long. Check it out, and see if is worth losing an hour of your life that you will not get back.

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