American Horror Story: Asylum – Shareables & Release Date!

There’s a lot of AMERICAN HORROR STORY related news that has been coming at us recently. First, it was announced that the official premiere date for COVEN will be on Wednesday, October 9th at 10pm. We then were treated with a new teaser poster for the upcoming third installment of the series. In case you have not seen it yet, take a gander at this!

AHS S3 poster-600w
I’m not sure about you, but I’m damn excited for the new series! To whet our appetites even further, this morning I received word of new shareables from FX regarding the upcoming October 8th DVD/ Blu Ray release of AHS: ASYLUM. The second installment of the series has garnered a massive 17 Emmy nominations this year which is more than any other program in the running. That’s pretty big for a horror television show! AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM will be released a day before COVEN’s premiere which means you have no excuse to not get caught up!

Here’s all the details regarding the upcoming release!


Experience the chilling new incarnation of TV’s most daringly provocative series.  The sins of the past haunt the present at the notorious Briarcliff home for the criminally insane, ruled with an iron fist by Sister Jude.  Forbidden desire and terrifying evil lurk around every corner…from alien abduction to demonic possession to a skin-wearing psychopath known as “Bloody Face.”  Emmy® winner JESSICA LANGE leads an exceptional ensemble cast, including ZACHARY QUINTO, JAMES CROMWELL and SARAH PAULSON.  “It’s genuinely, unrelentingly horrific and creepy” (Time Magazine) and a “totally addictive” (The Washington Post) show.

Special Features

  • Deleted Scenes
  • The Orderly
  • What is American Horror Story: Asylum?
  • Welcome to Briarcliff Manor
  • The Creatures

And finally, there are those shareables I mentioned earlier. They are supposed to play some tricks on your eyes yet have not worked on mine. Fox Home Entertainment sent them on over and they’re still pretty cool whether my eyes work right or not!

ahs_s2_asylum_stareable1ahs_s2_asylum_stareable2ahs_s2_asylum_stareable3ahs_s2_asylum_stareable4It’s a little over a month until AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM will be available for purchase. Don’t fret, freaks! The second series is currently available for pre-order here!

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