The bright lights of New York city..the buildings, the skyscrapers..the joyful music of “New York, New York”. Something right out of a Woody Allen film, right? A figure standing, overlooking the water, the wide crane shot of said person, staring out into the quiet night. A woman walks up, and the figure turns around, revealing to viewers, that it’s JASON VOORHEES! People scream, in subways, on the street, everywhere.

That sums up the great trailer that is FRIDAY THE 13TH VIII: JASON TAKES MANHATTAN. What I love about the trailer for the F13 series, is the fact that a good amount of them employ the same angle: not knowing exactly what you’re watching, until American’s favorite hockey masked-slasher appears. A similar angle was used for the trailer to JASON LIVES, a slow zoom into a gravestone, before it explodes, revealing Mr. Voorhees, and letting us know that he’s back. With JASON TAKES MANHATTAN, the sly trailer sets up such a HUGE opportunity, I mean, seriously…Jason terrorizing New York? Brilliant. Unfortunately, most of the film takes place on a cruise, and very little of the film lives up to the promise of the trailer. We didn’t get much of Jason living it up, instead we got Jason swinging guitars, punching heads off (sans any blood), and a weird as HELL ending, that still confuses me. It’s definitely one of the low points of the franchise, but that trailer..I still love it.

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