Movie Review: AMONG FRIENDS!!


There is one thing we can all agree on: we all love good times with our friends. We stick with the ones that we care about through the good and bad, and try our best not to piss them off. Our closest friends think they know us, and of course we think we know them. So what happens when we piss off that one particular friend who happens to be a complete psychopath? Well, that question gets an answer in AMONG FRIENDS.

AMONG FRIENDS is the directorial debut of Danielle Harris (HATCHET II and III), and written by Alyssa Lobit, so it already has some totally serious girl power behind it. The film starts off with a group of close friends getting ready for a 1980’s prom-themed murder mystery party. From the very beginning, you can tell the night is doomed, as there is a certain awkwardness between the characters that starts to grow the second that they enter the party. Bernadette (Alyssa Lobit) is the host of the shindig, and seems to have the whole party planned and set up to run smoothly…or so it seems. As the friends scrounge for clues, and begin to enjoy the party, well, as much as they can before the cocktail they sip on starts the night off in a rather unpleasant way. As the night goes on, unfortunate acts that the friends have done in the past (when they thought they were alone) comes back to haunt them. Most of the characters are pretty unpleasant; a few may even be called annoying. The actors do a decent job at playing characters who aren’t the type of people you would want to become friends with. AJ Bowen (YOU’RE NEXT, A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE), pretty much steals the show by not only being one of the best actors in the film, but also by having the coolest wig (Seriously, it’s glorious)..but even with a great mullet wig, there’s a dark tone to the film, and you don’t really find yourself rooting for anyone.

AMONG FRIENDS is an entertaining experience, but definitely could be bloodier. While there are a few bloody scenes there are more than a couple of scenes that leave it up to the viewer’s imagination. This film did have a couple of great cameos, some of which I am very sure horror fans will definitely appreciate. Full of dark humor, and some scandalous situations, this film would be fun to watch with a group of your closest (or not so close) friends. Overall I feel this movie is worth a watch by anyone who is a fan of the horror genre, and even for your friends who aren’t big fans of the genre. Is this the best movie ever made? No. Is it entertaining? Yes. I recommend this for a fun night in.

AMONG FRIENDS is now available on DVD and VOD via Lionsgate Entertainment.

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