Icons Double Feature Adventures: MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE/HALLOWEEN 6!!

Back in the good ol’ days of ICONS OF FRIGHT, Co-creators Rob G. and Mike C. used to do articles called “TRILOGY”, in which they would choose three movies to get together to watch and write about. Fast forward to tonight, when Ms. Exploitation Alley herself, Natty, along with myself, decided to somewhat resurrect that series, but under the banner of “DOUBLE FEATURE ADVENTURES”.



Natty: My only thoughts (ok I had many) while watching this were: 1) What the hell is going on? No, like really I’m confused. 2) I’m extremely bummed out. Ten minutes before this film came on, I was eating tacos and that was awesome…but why am I so sad again? 3) Is this over? Is this still going on? 4) I guess this could potentially be appealing to some people, but what is up with this movie bumming me out?

Jerry: This girl is nutso^^. MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE is a good movie about a young woman escaping a cult and the psychological damage that it has caused her..Okay, maybe this movie was an awful choice to kick off a new fun column, and I could very well be the only person who enjoys watching depressing movies and labels them as “fun”. On a positive note though, how’s about that song that John Hawkes sings in it?

Natty: I understand the whole “I’m cray cray after this cray cult biz.” I almost passed out from severe depression and boredom. I swear, I will hurt you Jerry if you mention that song again.

Jerry: I have no idea how you could be bored by this movie. It’s slow, yes. It’s jumpy with timelines, yes. With that said though, the acting is amazing, and it keeps more intense as the film goes on, right up until the ambiguous ending. Good stuff!



Jerry: Okay, well, MMMM wasn’t a hit with Natty, but she chose HALLOWEEN 6, so by golly, I was game. She said it would be fun, she said it would be a blast…well, she’s eating her words, because the last thing that HALLOWEEN 6 is, is a blast. In fact, it is so confusing and dreadful, that while the movie was playing in the background, we spent the time talking about existentialism and life’s many questions, along with internet searching if I was overweight, and hell, it looks like I am! Grrr.

Natty: And I was also eating candy corn and listening to my upstairs neighbors talk dirty to Siri (don’t ask) Pretty much, I had it in my head that it would be one of those so bad it was good movies, since it has been years since I’ve seen it, no. Not even a little. Why is there a cult? Why is Tommy Doyle hot and creepy? (Paul Rudd is hot, don’t judge me).

Jerry: I cannot stand HALLOWEEN 6, and that mostly stems from how much I loved the first trailer for it, and how much of a letdown that it was to me. Hell, I’ve seen the producer’s cut, and even that is somewhat of a mess. The pacing is off, the recasting of Jamie Lloyd is a travesty, and the killing off of the character is ALMOST as insulting as Laurie getting off’ed during the opening of HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION. Plus, not to mention the fact that H6 is just boring as hell. When did Michael get so bloated, and when did he go from being a scary character to the most uninteresting character in this whole film?? I don’t get it whatsoever. The more that I think about it, there isn’t a single character IN the movie that you care about. Even Dr. Loomis…the guys serves no purpose whatsoever. It’s a mess from start to finish, and has one of the most silly endings of all times, and yes fanatics, I have seen the producer’s cut, so I know it wasn’t intended this way, but still…BOO!

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