Classic Trailers: JAWS (1975)!!


I’m not even going to play the tough guy role with this one. Steven Spielberg’s classic, JAWS, still scares the absolute shit out of me. It would be a lie if I said that I don’t watch it at least once a week, because I do, and it NEVER fails at reducing me to a coward. I do not swim in the ocean because of it, hell, even lakes are safe from me getting into them based on the 1975 blockbuster film. With all of that being said, when it came time for me to choose a classic trailer to talk a little bit about, I looked to my right and instantly saw my trusty JAWS bluray sitting there, and well, it was written in the stars I guess. Let’s watch the trailer, then have a chat, fright fiends.

Right from the beginning of the trailer, we get the deep, commanding voice of actor Percy Rodriguez (who also narrated the trailer of many other films, such as another favorite of mine, PLANES, TRAINS ANDAUTOMOBILES) basically telling us that things are going to get nuts with JAWS, and he gives us the classic “It’s as if god created the devil, and gave him…JAWS line. I’m 32, have lived through hell, and yet still..that line scares the hell out of me to this day.

Following that, we get what most trailers from the ’70s were: basically long form press kits, but with the trailer for JAWS, you never feel bored. These days, most audiences won’t sit through a two-minute trailer, let alone one that clocks in at almost three and a half minutes, but is pure gold. It starts with the shark attack of Chrissie Watkins, and instantly hooks you, before giving glimpses of Alex Kitner’s death, Sheriff Brody’s obstacles from the Mayor, and a barrage of clips from the inevitable adventure involving Brody, Hooper and Mr. Badass himself, Quint. It never lets up, and keeps you enthralled the whole time, just like a great trailer should. Definitely one of the great ones. A classic trailer to a perfect film.

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