BEYOND FRIGHT: Song Of The Week – Dwight Twilley Band “Looking For The Magic”


There is nothing quite like discovering your new favorite song when watching a movie. It’s a little added bonus that you weren’t expecting, and in all honesty how I’ve come to discover & love a good majority of the music I listen to today. So this past Thursday when I went to the midnight showing of YOU’RE NEXT (which fully deserves your love & support), I was not expecting to be greeted by one of the greatest songs I’ve never heard.

Enter “Looking For The Magic“, a 70s pop-rock song by the Dwight Twilley Band that makes you want to jump up and dance your heart out. I’ve included both versions below, one of which is indie band Mind The Gap‘s just as excellent cover, which plays over YOU’RE NEXT‘s closing credits. What business does it have doing in a home invasion slasher, you might ask? I would retort something along the lines of “because it’s a damn good song and gets your blood pumping with joy, oh and also because why not?!” Be warned, once you hit that play button there is no going back. So just sit back, hit repeat, and listen to the magic for yourself. Then go see YOU’RE NEXT for a glimpse at one of the best horror films of the year. Win-win all around!

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