Classic Horror Trailers: HALLOWEEN 6!!


Let’s face it, HALLOWEEN 6: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS is an insane clusterf@%k of a film. It’s when the series went so far gone that it would take years to recover… really hasn’t recovered, has it? So yeah, H6 makes as much sense as TREE OF LIFE, but like so many other films (I’m looking at you Zack Snyder), it did have a pretty awesome trailer. Look take a look at said trailer, and then it’ll be time to dissect.

See what I mean? Creepy as hell, right? Everything from the theme song, to the slow motion shots of the character we would eventually find out is a grown up (and really screwed up in the head) Tommy Doyle, to some interesting shots, everything’s in there. What the trailer DOESN’T show however, is the gazillion elements that make HALLOWEEN 6 such a bastard child for the series (I will say in its defense though, that as bad as I think it is, it is NOWHERE near as atrocious as HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION, a film that I will die proclaiming as one of the worst movies I have ever seen). It’s obvious that nobody knew what film they wanted to make, as even in the trailer, the name of the film is different. What was HALLOWEEN 666: THE ORIGIN OF MICHAEL MYERS, eventually was renamed HALLOWEEN 6: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS, an insane amount of the film was cut, reshot, and released in its present incarnation. While the long-bootlegged “PRODUCER’S CUT” is definitely a step above the released film, it still has its issues, but I digress. As many warts as the actual film has, the trailer is a really solid one, and if the film had been as creepy and fun as the trailer was, a lot of us massive HAlLOWEEN fans would be singing a different tune.

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