Beyond Fright: Brand New Lyric Video For Ex-Misfits’ Guitarist DOYLE’s “Valley of Shadows”

Little known secret: I’m a huge Misfits fan. I worship the Danzig-era, equally dig the Michale Graves-era and downright want to vomit at the present day incarnation of the band (if you would call it that), but yeah, Misfits forever for me. So, imagine my surprise when out of nowhere, ex-Misfits guitarist, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, came out swinging with a brand new band (rightfully named DOYLE), featuring a solid lineup, and a new album called “Abominator“. Is the album good? Hell and yes, and Doyle does a great job pleasing fans of old, along with turning heads with just how metal it is. It almost seems like a hybrid of Misfits and “Cowboys From Hell“-era Pantera, if that makes sense.
The lyric video for “Valley of Shadows” from Abominator has found its way online, and well, here it is, it all of its glory:

Abominator by DOYLE is now available via Monsterman Records.

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