Trailer For Alex de la Iglesia’s Genre Mash WITCHING & BITCHING Demands To Be Seen!


If you see the name Alex de la Iglesia attached to a film, you can guarantee you’re in for an experience like no other. The Spanish filmmaker’s previous film THE LAST CIRCUS is grand guignol incarnate. From start to end it’s darkly comedic and dazzlingly horrific, while simultaneously being completely entertaining and next level. De la Iglesia looks to be bringing that visionary m.o. to his next film, amazingly titled WITCHING & BITCHING (seriously, is that not the greatest title of the year?)! Premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival’s as part of the Midnight Madness block, WITCHING & BITCHING will then be making it’s stateside debut at Fantastic Fest next month! We’ll be there to provide you fiends with a review!

Check out the trailer below, and bask in the insanity.


A group of buskers led by a Jesus Christ in silver body paint pull out machine guns and grab a massive haul from a Cash for Gold store. The heist is masterminded by José (Hugo Silva), a down-on-his-luck divorced dad who, due to his custody schedule, is forced to bring his eight-yearold son to the robbery.

The hapless band of robbers escapes through the impenetrable forests of the Basque countryside, hoping to cross the border into France undetected. Unaware of the dangers lurking within, the group drives deep into the woods, and headfirst into an ancient coven of witches. As if being on the run from the cops and his angry ex-wife (Sexy Killer star Macarena Gómez) were not enough, now José must contend with a horde of women hell-bent on ripping out his soul — not to mention one amorous, leather-clad, motorcycle-riding punk-rock witch with a penchant for toad juice.

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