Exploitation Alley: BLACK SAMSON!!


Have you ever felt like a movie was just too cool to watch? Almost like you aren’t worthy enough to lay eyes upon your television screen because, well you just don’t have what it takes be in the same room as the movie? Ok, maybe I’m over-exaggerating. If you have seen this film, you know what I’m talking about. If not, then stop being a foolish sucka and let’s take it back to 1974, it’s time for BLACK SAMSON.

Directed by Charles Bail, this is prime example of a 1970s era blaxploitation film. It really has everything you could possibly want: beautiful women, awesome fight scenes, bad guys that you really end up hating, and a lion. Yes, a lion. For no reason at all of course, but whatever, how often do you get to see a film where the opening scene has people getting drunk, topless women dancing, and a lion who is just relaxing and having a good time while no one pees their pants in fear? Yeah, I didn’t think so. You know it’s going to be great when the film has its own theme song, and what a catchy little tune it is (It may or may not become your new favorite song).

During the amazing opening scene, two guys walk in and immediately seem like the biggest buzz kills on the planet. They just put out a bad vibe. Of course, one of them decides to act a fool and insult both Samson (Rockne Tarkington), and one of his gorgeous dancers. Which results in said man getting his ass handed to him by Samson, who also hits the man with his fighting stick he always seems to carry with him. Like literally, the whole movie he has this stick and gracefully hits people with it.

As the film goes on, you really begin to admire Samson. He is getting pressured by Johnny Nappa (William Smith) to let himself and his men move in on Samson’s turf to bring drugs and criminal activity. Samson simply doesn’t have time for that. When Johnny’s bribes and promises for wealth don’t work, he sends a lawyer over and Samson does not take too kindly to him. Let’s just say, he almost throws him off the top of a building. Johnny convinces his girlfriend Tina (Connie Strickland) to become a dancer at Samson’s bar, I guess he figured getting an insider to find out everything about Samson would somehow give him an advantage, I won’t go into detail, but it doesn’t work. Johnny then begins to get aggressive and the threats and attacks start coming. This frightens Leslie (Carol Speed), Samson’s girlfriend. Fearing for Samson’s safety, she begs him to give up. Of course, like most men he is stubborn, but for a good reason. He refuses to give up his community to crime and drugs. Pretty soon, it all goes down. And it does not disappoint. Samson stands up for his neighborhood, and they all have his back.

This film is definitely a must see for fans of this genre. If you are a fan of BLACK DYNAMITE, this will be a lot of fun for you, as you can tell this film was a huge inspiration for that film. Words truly can’t describe how incredibly cool this movie is, so do yourself a favor and watch BLACK SAMSON right now!

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