We all know the stories of how many fans of the first two HALLOWEEN films weren’t all too excited about the lack of Michael Myers in HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH. When it didn’t do as well as the first two entries, the producers decided to bring that Shatner mask-wearing baddie back (though in HALLOWEEN 4, the mask looks more like casper the friendly ghost), and what better way to get fans excited again, than to give them this classic trailer?

See what I mean? It’s such a good trailer! What’s awesome about it, is while the first half of it is a scroll of what the trailer announcer is saying regarding the events of the first two films, when the scroll stops, the action starts. It’s a juggernaut of one-two punches, and the trailer keeps you on your toes and excited throughout the whole thing. Trailers like this one really bring me both a feeling of happiness and also inspires me to pop some serious Xanax due to realizing that trailers like HALLOWEEN 4‘s simply do not get made anymore. Today’s trailers are churned out left and right without any real technique, and more times than not, are basically full of nonstop dubstep and MTV-like editing. This on however, gives viewers a glimpse of what’s in store, while creating a tense mood, delivering nonstop.

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