Fantasia Film Festival Review: JACK ATTACK!!

2013_07_13_-_JACK_ATTACK_001Short films may be one of my favorite forms of cinematic mediums.  There’s something special about having the ability to convey a story in a short period of time as well as keep audience drawn into the film throughout the film’s duration.  Considering the attention spans of movie audiences are shortening every day, short form very well may be the future of film making.  Written and directed by the duo of Bryan Norton and Antonio Padovan, JACK ATTACK feels like a forgotten short film that should have been attached to TRICK R TREAT.

Starring Helen Rogers (V/H/S/) as “Elizabeth,” the story follows a young babysitter teaching a little boy named Jack how to carve a pumpkin.  Rogers’ character is very reminiscent of a “Laurie Strode” character from HALLOWEEN and definitely showcases a true grasp on the average, All-American girl next door.  Child actor Tyler Rossell is adorable as “Jack,” and his innocence is completely spot on.  Whether or not the child understood the concept of playing “innocent” is neither here nor there, but he’s remarkably cute and an easy character to adore.  A simple premise and a seemingly harmless Halloween activity, the two soon discover that perhaps we should find a new way to pay homage to Samhain, other than hacking up the unarmed pumpkins.

The difficult thing about reviewing shorts, is that I desperately want to just scream out what happens…but that’ll ruin the whole movie. Just trust me when I say, this little short brings in a story that packs a punch, is quite aesthetically pleasing, and takes some pretty bold moves with its ending.

Short, sweet, and tons of fun, JACK ATTACK is a solid little short film and perfect for the Halloween short-film repertoire.

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