Awesome MANIAC COP Action Figure Available Exclusively At Conventions!!

We have it good here in California, with some many great screenings, events and god knows what else taking place in the good ol’ Golden State. Every once in a while though, somewhere else gets an exclusive that we don’t, and well, this one is pretty amazing. Fan of William Lustig’s MANIAC COP series are liable to flip out when Flashback Chicago(August 9th-11th) and HorrorHound Indy (September 6th-8th)will both have this exclusive Officer Cordell action figure available to purchase, courtesy of one of the coolest independent makers of action figures, Homemade Horror.
The MANIAC COP figure will run for $60, and will be available online sometime in the future as well.

For more info, visit Homemade Horror’s FB page here.

One thought on “Awesome MANIAC COP Action Figure Available Exclusively At Conventions!!

  1. Looks great! Hope to get one when available online. I have two figures from Homemade Horror. I own the Dead Alive baby Selwyn figure and Fluffy from Creepshow. If you can believe it… both figures look even better (and BIGGER!) in person and are well worth the money spent. He is very talented. – Sean T.

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