Scream Factory Unzips John Carpenter’s Horror Anthology BODY BAGS!


Scream Factory made a surprise announcement a couple months back about acquiring the horror anthology BODY BAGS! Presented & directed by John Carpenter (who also plays a coroner that ties the stories together) and Tobe Hooper, BODY BAGS was created to be Showtime’s answer to HBO’s TALES FROM THE CRYPT, but that idea was kiboshed. Now sit and think for hours what a John Carpenter horror TV series could have been….

Today they revealed the new illustrated cover art, which you can check out above. It’s labelled as a Collector’s Edition, so expect a reversible sleeve with the original poster & a slew of bonus features!

From Scream Factory’s Facebook page:

BREAKING: Here’s your FIRST LOOK at our newly-designed key art for John Carpenter’s BODY BAGS, illustrated by the talented Justin Osbourn (Lifeforce, The Fog, Prince of Darkness)

Title releases in Nov. No details yet to announce on extras, but rest assured there are some good one planned!

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