HARD RIDE TO HELL Screenwriter David Rosiak Directs Horror-Comedy Short LEFTOVERS!

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A project that we’re excited about here at Icons of Fright, is David Rosiak’s LEFTOVERS, a short film that not only includes MADISON COUNTY‘s Matt Mercer, and the funny as hell Ruben Pla (INSIDIOUS, CHEAP THRILLS), but also someone close to the Icons team, our own Graham Denman. Judging from the official press release below, it sounds like a bloody as hell fun time. Read on!

LEFTOVERS follows the story of brothers Ronnie and Reggie, one a buttoned down nine to fiver, the other a perpetually stoned man child. Confronted by an angry landlord demanding back-rent, When Ronnie snaps and kills the man, he turns to his stoner brother for help, and the two concoct a horrifying plan to dispose of the body… by eating it! What could possibly go wrong?”

Veteran genre screenwriter David Rosiak (HARD RIDE TO HELL, OVERKILL) recently moved into the director’s chair for the upcoming horror-comedy LEFTOVERS, starring Matt Mercer (MADISON COUNTY), Graham Denman (THE HAUNTING OF WHALEY HOUSE), Ruben Pla (INSIDIOUS) and Christina Cupo (VAULT OF DARKNESS). The film is currently in post-production and will be released in late 2013.

Written and directed by Rosiak, LEFTOVERS began life as a solo short and has evolved into the first of three films in the BLOOD BROTHERS trilogy, which follows this hapless duo through a number of grisly adventures.

“I’ve been doing work-for-hire writing for a long time now,” explains Rosiak. “So it was incredibly liberating to finally take the reins myself. I set out to create a sort of Harold and Kumar for the horror genre. Horror and comedy are a natural mix, and with such a talented cast and crew, we’ve captured something that’s both utterly hilarious and also gory as hell.”

We’ll keep you fright fiends updated on the progress of the short film as it comes!

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