Beyond Fright: †††’s The Holy Ghost


DEFTONES frontman, Chino Moreno, has always had a steady amount of projects going on. Doing guest vocals on songs from NORMA JEAN, DEAD POETIC, WHITE CHAPEL and many others, Moreno has also kept himself busy with side projects such as TEAM SLEEP (with DJ Crook, and HELLA’s Zach Hill), Palms (featuring Moreno alongside the members of ISIS), and my personal favorite, †††(Crosses), which also includes Shaun Lopez, guitarist for one my favorite bands, FAR.

Given away for free, †††‘s first release, (simply titled ‘EP’) is an ambient, shoegaze-like set of songs that showcase Moreno’s softer vocals, as opposed to some of the heavier DEFTONES stuff that he’s known for. I’ve always preferred the softer vocals of his, especially DEFTONES’ ‘Mascara’ (from 1997’s Around the Fur). The highlight of †††‘s first EP to me, is the track ‘Thholyghst‘, a song that perfectly fits night drives and, along with the rest of the EP, is the perfect background music to hook up to (yeah, I went there).

†††‘s EP † is available to download for free from the band’s official site.
Their second release, EP †† is also available there, and is awesome as well.

Twitter: @CrossesMusic

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