Movie Review: GRABBERS!


There are but two certainties in life: aliens are awesome and Irish people love to drink. As stereotypical as it may be, it’s just how it is. I have crazy Irish blood flowing through my veins and well, let’s be honest here, I drink like a fish. Jon Wright’s horror/comedy GRABBERS successfully combines those two elements, the love for drinking in Ireland and the awesomeness that is some well done aliens, and crafts those into a fun time that even with a couple of small issues, is a pretty entertaining ride.

GRABBERS revolves around two Irish officers, Lisa (straight-laced and sober), Ciaran ( sloppy and drunk), who begin to investigate a series of strange occurrences (disappearances, mammals dying, etc), and eventually stumble upon the fact that alien creatures are behind the carnage. While the revelation of that is enough to freak any and everyone out, salvation comes in the form of them discovering (after a fisherman accidentally catches one of the creatures) that the alien monsters are allergic to alcohol, which sparks one of the funniest plans ever.

The duo, along with a couple of others gather the whole village up and decide to well, get completely hammered. This leads to quite a few hilarious scenes and moments in the film, such as when the uptight and sober Lisa decides to drink anything in front of her and gives one of the most realistic performance of someone who had more than her share of alcohol. Equally funny, are the scenes in which the aliens finally begin to show up, as watching a bunch of drunks attempt to stand their ground is definitely a funny sight.


As much fun as the film is though, there are still a small set of issues with it. The pacing is off a bit, and there are a few moments in the film in which you don’t really remember much after they pass. With a little more fine tuning, the film could be a lot tighter, but with that being said, it’s still entertaining and well worth a watch.

GRABBERS invades VOD and limited theaters July 19th via IFC FILMS.

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