Cover Art Revealed For Scream Factory’s NIGHT OF THE COMET Blu-ray!

Thanks to Scream Factory, this is another instance where I run around my house screaming and jumping up & down like an excited madman. NIGHT OF THE COMET, one of the most undervalued sci-fi/horror/comedy hybrids to emerge from the 80s, is getting the Blu-ray & DVD Collector’s Edition touch from Scream Factory!

There is so much to love about this film. First of all, Mary Catherine Stewart. Not only does her character work in a movie theater & deeply care about her arcade high score, she’s a no bullshit babe that isn’t afraid to cut zombies down with her uzi. Plus there’s an EATING RAOUL reunion with cult siren Mary Woronov & Robert Beltran; what’s not to love!?

Expect all the incredible supplemental bells & whistles when NIGHT OF THE COMET crashes down to Earth later this November.

From Scream Factory’s Facebook page:


Check out the latest newly-designed artwork for our upcoming Collector’s Edition of NIGHT OF THE COMET, illustrated by Scream Factory fan-favorite Nathan Thomas Milliner!

Blu-ray & DVD combo release planned for November. No additional details to report about the extras at this time.

One thought on “Cover Art Revealed For Scream Factory’s NIGHT OF THE COMET Blu-ray!

  1. I just hope it is in a true 5.1 DD, with isolated music. I would love to finally get the missing songs from it for my extended soundtrack.

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