Cover Art Revealed For Scream Factory’s NIGHT OF THE COMET Blu-ray!

Thanks to Scream Factory, this is another instance where I run around my house screaming and jumping up & down like an excited madman. NIGHT OF THE COMET, one of the most undervalued sci-fi/horror/comedy hybrids to emerge from the 80s, is getting the Blu-ray & DVD Collector’s Edition touch from Scream Factory!

There is so much to love about this film. First of all, Mary Catherine Stewart. Not only does her character work in a movie theater & deeply care about her arcade high score, she’s a no bullshit babe that isn’t afraid to cut zombies down with her uzi. Plus there’s an EATING RAOUL reunion with cult siren Mary Woronov & Robert Beltran; what’s not to love!?

Expect all the incredible supplemental bells & whistles when NIGHT OF THE COMET crashes down to Earth later this November.

From Scream Factory’s Facebook page:


Check out the latest newly-designed artwork for our upcoming Collector’s Edition of NIGHT OF THE COMET, illustrated by Scream Factory fan-favorite Nathan Thomas Milliner!

Blu-ray & DVD combo release planned for November. No additional details to report about the extras at this time.

  • Elak Swindell

    I just hope it is in a true 5.1 DD, with isolated music. I would love to finally get the missing songs from it for my extended soundtrack.