RESOLUTION Filmmakers Want to Help You Get Some!!


I’ve been pretty outspoken about how much I loved the Justin Benson/Aaron Moorhead directed RESOLUTION (review). Though it was “officially” released this year, I was lucky enough to check it out last year, and there really hasn’t been a film since that I’ve loved as much.

Gearing up for the film’s DVD/Bluray release on October 8th (with what Benson says is the craziest amount of special features of all time), Benson and Moorhead decided to let you fright fiends know that not only is their film entertaining as hell (and quite scary), but that it also just might help you get lucky in the sack. So if you need a little help putting your mack on, check out this video (Courtesy of Horror Nymphs), along with the film’s trailer after the jump!

RESOLUTION hits DVD/Bluray October 8th via New Video Group.

One thought on “RESOLUTION Filmmakers Want to Help You Get Some!!

  1. Amazon is packaging it with free condoms to avoid a devastating North American population spike in 2014.

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