Movie Review: SHARKNADO!!


*Editor’s note: Once again, Day of the Woman‘s Brittney-Jade Colangelo has joined forces with Icons of Fright, this time to tackle SHARKNADO!. Read on!

SyFy original movies are notorious for playing a game of pulling two random words out of a hat and making a movie out of it, and we’ve been given a lot of really lackluster monster flicks. Heavily laden with CGI, acting chops that are weaker than local car commercials, and laughable titles, it’s almost expected that all SyFy original movies are going to be a schlocky pile of nonsense. However, SyFy seems to FINALLY understand that they’re not making the Citizen Kane of monster movies, but rather films that would pitch tents in the pants of MST3K-esque commentators. Their newest installment, SHARKNADO is a wild ride of ridiculous situations, hilarious deaths, but still manages to be one of the most entertaining original movies SyFy has ever produced. The tagline for the film is “enough said,” and that’s almost exactly how to write a review for this film.

The story is a little non-existent, but with a title like SHARKNADO, I highly doubt you’ll really care about any sort of character development. There are sharks EVERYWHERE in this movie. A tornado filled with sharks wreaks havoc in Los Angeles and there are sharks spreading around like confetti at a New Years Eve party. The body count in this movie is ridiculously high to the point where making a drinking game out of it would probably put you in the hospital. If you thought the plane eating shark from MEGA SHARK VS. GIANT OCTOPUS was bad-ass, then the shark loaded natural disaster of SHARKNADO is going to completely blow you out of the water. The main players in this riot-fest are actually entertaining to watch, with the exception of Tara Reid…but expecting anything good out of Tara Reid that doesn’t involve the name “Lebowski” is like trying to expect intelligence out of an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”
Sharknado - 2013
Like most SyFy flicks, the story follows the traditional pattern of “something bad is happening, and a family unit is trying to escape.” Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills 90210) stars as surfing legend, Fin (GET IT!?) who also works as a bar owner. As Hurricane David attacks his beloved homeland, the tornado of sharks starts dropping these man-eating fishies into the community and forces the area to seek shelter in higher ground as the city floods, allowing these sharks a better place to prey. Fin is joined by his best friend Baz, (played by Jaason Simmons, known for “Baywatch”) a sharp-tongued bartender drunk on some shark flavored haterade, (Cassie Scerbo) and the area’s drunk (John Heard) who uses his trusty barstool as a weapon, all plan on fighting the storm, and the sharks together. Oh, but don’t forget about the trusty family conflict that comes along as the prize inside of SyFy movies, Fin has to try and convince his ex-wife (Tara Reid) and his daughter to come with to safety. Think Shaun of Shaun of the Dead trying to win back Liz after the break-up, but not as endearing and a lot more hilarious to look at.

SHARKNADO is the type of b-movie that deserves call-outs and audience participation. SyFy original films tend to walk the line between great fun and hot mess, and SHARKNADO is non-stop fun from start to finish. So the sharks don’t look real and the script was probably written in crayon on a spit-stained napkin in a Denny’s, so what? IT’S A TORNADO FILLED WITH SHARKS. If you need a pick-me-up and a hell of a good time, don’t miss out on SHARKNADO.

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