Movie Review: 100 BLOODY ACRES!


It’s a pretty awesome feeling when out of nowhere, you’re completely taken off guard by a movie. A couple of good examples for me would be A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE, and ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY, both being films that I didn’t expect much out of, but left me pleasantly surprised by how good they were. The Australian horror/comedy 100 BLOODY ACRES definitely falls into that category of expecting little and being delivered a lot.

The film follows Reg (Damon Herriman, JUSTIFIED), a down on his luck, somewhat dim-witted Aussie, who makes up one half of the “Morgan Bros”, a small (two person) bone and blood fertilizer outfit that isn’t doing so well. Reg is the heart of the operation but the brains (and the muscle) belong to his older, extremely domineering brother, Lindsay (Angus Sampson, INSIDIOUS). Lindsay pushes Reg around, and is pretty content being the alpha male in the relationship between the two brothers.

Where Lindsay and Reg have been successful, and what keep their business going, is the angle that they get their “blend”: taking the bodies of fresh car crash victims, and grinding the victims into their mix. While it’s helped the brothers in the past, it’s not like people just crash their cars in the Morgan bros’ neck of the woods every day, so they’re in the danger of closing shop, when a group of three vacationers(heroine Sophie, her boyfriend James and James’ friend Wes) break down and ask Reg for a ride. One thing leads to another, and after the group find the body of a car crash victim in the back of Reg’s truck, Lindsay steps in and ties them up.

What follows, is a series of funny as hell scenes and a battle of wits, as the group just wants to escape but Lindsay has other plans for them, having found the “perfect blend” (being victims that are still alive when thrown into the grinder). Also standing in their way of escape, are the facts that Sophie is cheating on James with Wes, and that Reg instantly falls for Sophie. It’s a perfect setup to an already funny movie, and all of that happens very early on, which gives viewers meat to chew on while following the story.


What sets 100 BLOODY ACRES apart from a lot of other horror/comedy films is the fact that the Reg and Lindsay characters are SO well written, that you’re enthralled, anxious to see what they’ll mess up next. While Reg means well, his and Lindsay’s characters seem like they would be straight out of FARGO or any other Coen bros. film, being probably two of the worst criminals ever. They’re amazingly good at being amazingly bad at what they do, and it catapults the film from being just another comedy into being a really funny, well written, and incredibly acted film. Reg gets tried of being picked on by Lindsay and never wanted to a killer or criminal, so he continually tries to find a way to satisfy his brother AND let the group go, when we obviously isn’t going to happen.

100 BLOODY ACRES just proves again (like THE LOVED ONES) that Australia is just as good at (if not better) than fusing horrific situations and gut-busting comedy together perfectly. It’s a fun movie, full of some of the craziest scenes that I’ve seen in a while (just wait for the scene featuring an old, and definitely worth your time.

100 BLOODY ACRES is currently available on VOD and in limited theaters via Doppelganger Releasing.

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