Scream Factory’s ALL NIGHT HORROR MARATHON DVDs Are Must-Own Cheap Thrills!


In between their lavish Collector’s Edition, Double Feature, and Combo Pack releases, Scream Factory has a couple of multi-pack discs coming soon that aim to keep you up all night! ALL NIGHT HORROR MARATHON Vol. One and Vol. Two contain eight films that are being resurrected from VHS obscurity, or are making their physical media debut for the first time ever!

Since these films are of a lesser known variety, don’t expect remastered transfers or a wide selection of bonus features. Some are 4×3, others are 16×9 anamorphic widescreen, and an easter egg or two should be included. From what I understand, Scream is at the mercy of MGM with these titles, so they have to work with what they’re given. But hey, we’re getting a pretty great bang for our buck, and I hope everyone shares my sentiment on just being happy these films are getting a release at all!

These will only run you a mere $9.99 if you order from Scream Factory directly, but can be had for cheaper at your preferred retail site.

ALL NIGHT HORROR MARATHON Vol. 1 streets August 20th. and Vol.2 hits October 29th!



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