Scalps & Gore Galore In Behind-The-Scenes MANIAC Video!

Franck Khalfoun & Alexandre Aja’s MANIAC remake opens in limited theaters & VOD today (make it your Friday night fright!), and if you’ve been keeping up with our extensive coverage, you know it’s a must-see & prime contender for best horror film of the year.

IFC Midnight has released an extremely candid video that features over 20 mins worth of behind-the-scenes footage, detailing the films’ extensive practical makeup FX! All of the scalping & gore were made possible thanks to effects legends KNB & Mike McCarty, and it’s amazing to see how they pulled of Frank Zito’s gruesome handiwork. This video is quite spoilery, so fair warning for those who have no yet seen the film. So go rent MANIAC, enjoy the hell out of it, then come back and watch how they made movie magic!

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