The-Haunting-of-Helena-Theatrical-Poster-250x350Let’s get one thing straight before we go any further. I love horror. Old or new, it doesn’t matter to me, as long as it is done right. It’s a genre that allows us to step into the dark seedy underbelly of cinema. At times horror films can literally reinvent the meaning of the word “fear”, and terrify you till the day you die regardless of its antagonist, as long as the execution of those films are precise and hit the mark.  A clown, a possessed girl, a shark, an alien, a masked killer or a good ‘ol fashioned ghost (cough cough INSIDIOUS), these are all great characters and menacing forces of dread, but just like any GOOD horror film needs a good scary villain, it also needs a good scary script . Unfortunately THE HAUNTING OF HELENA just doesn’t do so well with the latter section of that joke.

The story revolves around a mother and daughter who move into a new home in Italy. The young girl begins having “visions” of a bloody mouthed tooth fairy, and they soon unravel the house’s history together like a good mom and daughter couple should and…yeah, you’ve heard it before. I felt like I had seen this movie a dozen times a dozen ways and I’m sure you have too! Unless you’re thirteen and this is your first time cruising the internet for modern day ghost films because a thirteen year old friend of yours showed you DARKNESS FALLS for the first time or some similar fare. I love giving new horror movies a chance regardless of budget or prior critical backlash, but I can honestly say that THE HAUNTING OF HELENA was not for me and who knows, maybe it might be right for you..but I seriously doubt it. It’s a highly predictable horror film with wooden acting and a very cliche story.

I would love to give this film a glowing review but as an honest and loyal horror fan who gets to write reviews such as this one, I cannot lie to you Icons readers. You’re here because you want honest reviews and positive outlooks, so with that being said, I believe that although the films cast and crew put in the hours to make this film the best they could, they still didn’t leave me okay with the idea of losing that hour and a half of my life. I will say that I was impressed by some of the special effects and makeup in this movie, but to be a fresh horror film especially these days, you have to have fresh ideas behind it. .

THE HAUNTING OF HELENA is now available on VOD via The Collective/Bloody Disgusting Selects

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