Found Footage Mystery EVIDENCE Poster/Trailer Debut!!


*Update* Brand New Poster and updated VOD release date*

My biggest complaint with found footage movies is that 9 out of 10 films within that sub-genre use the same angle: someone somehow found a tape, and edited it into a score-filled movie, blah blah, yadda yadda. While some of them work in my opinion (V/H/S/2, CLOVERFIELD, etc), most end up falling pretty flat, due to not really offering anything new. Olatunde Osunsanmi(THE FOURTH KIND)’s upcoming EVIDENCE looks like that interesting take that might be a breath of fresh air into the found footage plateau. Instead of the typical angle, the film revolves around a couple of detectives played by the underrated as hell Stephen Moyer (see Darren Lynn Bousman’s THE BARRENS for proof) and Radha Mitchell (PITCH BLACK, SILENT HILL) sorting through a crime scene’s evidence to find out what happened.

A trailer for the film has found its way online(thanks to the Shock Till You Drop gang), check it out!

“Detectives Burquez (Radha Mitchell, Silent Hill) and Reese (Stephen Moyer, True Blood) are desperately hunting for answers as to why five people were brutally murdered at an abandoned gas station in the middle of the desert. The only evidence they have is captured video footage found on the victims’ cameras and cell phones. As the mystery unfolds, it becomes chillingly clear that the killer is taunting the investigators, and the only way to end this bloody reign of terror is to decipher the deadly puzzle before he kills again.”

EVIDENCE reveals itself on VOD beginning June 21st, in a limited theatrical release beginning July19th and on DVD/Bluray on August 20th via IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT.

5 thoughts on “Found Footage Mystery EVIDENCE Poster/Trailer Debut!!

  1. The Barrens was absolute garbage IMO. Wouldnt it be better to say Stephen Moyer from The Caller or Tru Blood?

      1. My bad man. It says it in the synopsis 🙂 Being from the Pine Barrens the movie The Barrens made me so angry.

        1. Dude, totally. Art is subjective, you’re completely entitled to your opinions bud, nothing ever wrong with that.

          1. You are right about that. I know it was probably expensive to film in NJ but there isnt even a single pine tree in the movie The Barrens. Its a bit upsetting to see. I know most people wont notice though. Btw this trailer looks pretty cool 🙂

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