Danielle Harris Directed AMONG FRIENDS Gets DVD/VOD Release Date!

Scream Queen Danielle Harris (HALLOWEEN 4 & 5, HATCHET II and III) has already made a huge name for herself in front of cameras, but now she’s doing the same behind the camera with her directorial debut, AMONG FRIENDS. A horror/comedy featuring AJ Bowen (A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE, YOU’RE NEXT), Jennifer Blanc (THE VICTIM, TV’s Dark Angel) Alyssa Lobit (THE THINGS WE CARRY) and quite a few others, the film hits DVD and VOD August 27th from Lionsgate.


Good times take a dark turn when longtime friends get together for an ’80s-themed murder mystery party that is soon hijacked by someone from their past. The dinner guests will have to face their lies and secret betrayals as they discover the terrifying lengths to which their host will go to expose the truth.

AMONG FRIENDS parties onto DVD/VOD August 27th via Lionsgate.

2 thoughts on “Danielle Harris Directed AMONG FRIENDS Gets DVD/VOD Release Date!

  1. I’m baffled by marketing decisions. AJ Bowen is listed no where on the front of the box? And Danielle isn’t technically in the movie, but she gets top actor billing even though she directed?

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