Scream Factory Brings PSYCHO II & III Home To Collector’s Edition Blu-rays!


If it wasn’t official, it is now: Scream Factory is the premiere home video label for horror fanatics. From cult classics, out-of-print obscurities, to major studio releases, and fan favorite sequels, their output of releases is staggering and near Criterion levels of excellency. As if their Fall slate wasn’t already jam packed, they’ve now announced Richard Franklin’s sequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, PSYCHO II, and the Anthony Perkins directed PSYCHO III!

No exact details on an official release date or bonus features, but ICONS creator &  PSYCHO aficionado Robg will be involved! If you’ve seen his labor of love documentary PSYCHO LEGACY (and if you haven’t, see it ASAP!) , you know we’re in for a wealth of information.

Here’s the official word from Scream Factory:

“Norman Bates and “mother” are coming home…to Scream Factory!

1983’s PSYCHO II and 1986’s PSYCHO III will be released on DVD and Blu-ray this Fall as Collector’s Editions. No other details to report at this time so stay tune in the next few months for more developments on these great blood-curdling films.”


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