Cemetery Dance Publications Set to Unleash Stephen King’s THE DARK MAN This July!!


Hardcore Stephen King fans have definitely heard of THE DARK MAN, and now thanks to the folks at Cemetery Dance Publications, the long unpublished prequel poem to THE STAND will finally be released on July 30th, in a special hardcover edition. As a lifelong fan of King’s, this makes me grin from ear to ear, what about you fright fiends?
“Cemetery Dance Publications is pleased to announce our World’s First
Hardcover Edition of THE DARK MAN by Stephen King, which will be available
in bookstores and libraries across America on July 30th.

The Dark Man has never seen the light of day beyond a few hardcore
collectors of King’s college work, but many people consider it to be a
prequel to King’s epic end of the world novel, THE STAND, because it stars
the first appearance of Randall Flagg, one of King’s greatest villains.

This is a unique addition to the King canon, an eighty-eight page poem
featuring extraordinarily detailed Glenn Chadbourne artwork on every page.
We’ve taken this breathtaking poem and worked closely with acclaimed artist
Chadbourne to bring King’s chilling words to life in a unique way.

There was a very specific rhythm to the poem that we wanted to convey
through the blending of the text and the artwork, and Chadbourne skillfully
used his illustrations to create a new kind of mixed media story.

Feedback from early readers has been fantastic, with some saying they never
expected a poem to make their heart race with terror and horror the way the
ending of The Dark Man does.”

Check out Cemetery Dance’s site for the book (here), and be sure to pick up THE DARK MAN, when it’s released July 30th!

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