Full Preview of Stephen King’s UNDER THE DOME TV Series

I confess… I bought Stephen King’s epic novel for UNDER THE DOME shortly after it came out and I haven’t had the courage to tackle it quite yet. I mean, there it is on my book shelf, staring back at me, just daring me to devote all my time and energy into tackling all 1088 pages… and I just haven’t done it. It’s hard enough finding the time for all the television I want to catch up on! A-ha! And now CBS has adapted and is premiering the TV series version based upon King’s book on June 24th. Below you’ll fin a pretty cool 2 and a half minute preview of what we can expect. Oh and did I mention the mighty Jeff Fahey is one of the leads of this sucker? Awe yeah…

Brian K. Vaughan, most well known for Y: THE LAST MAN and LOST adapted from the novel and on top of the previously mentioned Fahey, Dean Norris, BATES MOTEL’s Mike Vogel, foxy redhead Rachelle Lefevre (TWILIGHT) and more.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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