Carpenter’s PRINCE OF DARKNESS Summoned To Blu-ray By Scream Factory!

Oh hell yes! Scream Factory continues to deliver the goods with major Friday reveal: John Carpenter’s PRINCE OF DARKNESS is coming to Blu-ray later this year! It’ll be branded a Collector’s Edition, so expect a wealth of great bonus features, new illustrated artwork (with a reversible wrap featuring the theatrical poster!), and shiny HD transfer.

We’re major fans of PRINCE OF DARKNESS, and I firmly believe it’s the Horror Master’s underrated masterpiece. I recently watched it for the first time, and it instantly became a seminal favorite of mine from his filmography. Read my take on the film for our column “You Always Remember Your First Time“.

From Scream Factory’s Facebook page:

Since we started this week with a John Carpenter film announcement (Body Bags) it is fitting with end it with another…The master’s 1987 cult classic PRINCE OF DARKNESS – our #1 most requested title – will be coming this fall and presented as a Collector’s Edition on DVD and Blu-ray!

We have no more details to report at this time (i.e. street date, extras, etc.) but will reveal more in the next few months. Have a great weekend!

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