Debut Clip From Jim Mickle’s WE ARE WHAT WE ARE Remake!

WE ARE WHAT WE ARE, Jim Mickle (STAKELAND)’s remake of the 2010 Spanish film of the same name, is preparing for a Cannes premiere this weekend, with a wide stateside release planned for this Fall. Although in very early planning stages, there looks to be more cannibal-family drama in the form of a prequel (titled WHAT WE WERE) and sequel, with the later being directed by original helmer Jorge Grau!

We’ve got a first look clip of Mickle’s reimagining, showing some somber dialogue between sisters played by Julia Garner (MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE) and Ambyr Childers (THE MASTER).

Are you a fan of Grau’s original film, or the great genre films Jim Mickle has directed? Let us know if you’re looking forward to WE ARE WHAT WE ARE in the comments!

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