Biggest WTF News of the Week: Arnold Schwarzenegger In Talks to Star in THE TOXIC AVENGER Remake!!

Leave it up to the folks at Variety for making today one of the weirdest ones in a long time, with this piece of news. According to them, ARNOLD EFFIN SCHWARZENEGGER is in talks to star in director Steve Pink (HOT TUB TIME MACHINE)’s upcoming remake of Troma’s 1984 bad taste extravaganza THE TOXIC AVENGER.

The original film revolved around Melvin Ferd III, a nerdy janitor that is turned into The Toxic Avenger, after he’s accidentally exposed to radioactive waste. Not sure what to make of this, but news is that Arnold won’t be playing Toxie, but instead, an undisclosed lead role. The last thing that I heard before this, was that the remake would be a PG-13 action comedy, and with Arnold on board now, the story just gets crazier and crazier. What do you think?
Elysium Films is set to produce the film, from a script written by Pink and Daniel C. Mitchell. More news on the film as it comes!

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