Watch the Violent but Touching Short Film, THE FORGE

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Every once in a while, we’re sent videos from filmmakers asking us to check them out and if possible, spread the word. We try to help out as many people as we can, and it’s always awesome to check stuff out. One short film that was recently sent our way was not only great, but very touching as well. I don’t get choked up very often, but the fact that THE FORGE was born out of tragedy and how the folks people involved worked together to not only pay homage and respect to Tanya Lim, but to help promote hope and prevent other sucides, not only leaves a lump in my throat but a smile on my face. I’ve personally lost more than my share of close friends to suicide, and to hear people try to help inspire others to not only face, but to defeat their demons makes my incredibly blessed to have the privilege of being someone that the filmmakers sent the video to.

So, PLEASE, watch this amazing film, and if you can at all, spread it as far as you can. Share it, retweet it, etc.

“You see… our friend’s sister, Tanya Lim, killed herself, leaving behind her savings to brother and aspiring movie producer Eric. Eric felt the only appropriate use of this tragic gift was to make something both in her honor and to prevent others from falling into the dark place she fell victim to. To shed a ray of strength on people affected by depression.

The end result is THE FORGE. A short film made by a group of friends and strangers-turned-family that came together to make a re-imagining of the public service announcement in their free time over the course of one year.”

THE FORGE features a mental-demon-blacksmith designed by artist Alex Pardee. The highly cinematic visuals were realized by cinematographer Chris Saul and visual fx supervisor/artist Lincoln Smith while the music was contributed by Grammy nominated composer Austin Wintory, YouTube sensation/vocalist Malukah and world renowned cellist Tina Guo. The soundtrack is available for free HERE.

The film is written and directed by Stephen Reedy and stars Tanya’s brother, Eric Lim.

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