Vinegar Syndrome Taking PUNK VACATION To Blu-ray!


Vinegar Syndrome may be new to the cult video game, but since their January debut they’ve given us lost Herschell Gordon Lewis’ films, some wonderfully obscure slashers, and a bevy of drive-in oddities onto DVD & Blu-ray. The amount of restoration & attention given to their releases is truly extraordinary, and any lover of outsider cinema should have these folks on their radar.

Continuing their excellent slate of releases, Vin Syn is debuting a late 80s ‘punk vs rednecks’ film titled PUNK VACATION onto the digital format for the first time! Included are some interviews with production members and 1984’s biker thriller NOMAD RIDERS, all contained within a Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack.

Check out the trailer & sell sheet below, and order yours July 9th!


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