Scream Factory Debuts DAY OF THE DEAD Bluray Artwork!!


I’m just going to say it: George Romero’s DAY OF THE DEAD is by FAR my favorite of the original dead trilogy of his. Sure NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is awesome, and we all know that its sequel, DAWN OF THE DEAD is the bee’s knees. With all of that being said, it was DAY OF THE DEAD that for odd reason, always seemed to resonate with me. Maybe it’s the complete downer vibe that runs throughout the whole film, maybe it’s my love for Joe Pilato’s performance as Captain Rhodes..or c’mon, let’s be honest here: it has what the first two dead films lacked: BUB!!
Well, thanks to the folks at the ever-reliable Scream Factory, the official key art for their DAY OF THE DEAD Bluray coming out this year has now found its way online and into the minds of us Romero fans. Added to the enjoyment, is the fact that once again, the art was done by Nathan Thomas Milliner, who continues to kick ass with his artwork (I still get giddy every time I look at the HALLOWEEN 2 Bluray cover he did for Scream Factory last year). Details such as the release date or special features have yet to be announced, but trust me Fright Fiends, this will be one that we’ll definitely be looking for.

To keep updated on all things Scream Factory, visit their Facebook page, and while you’re out and about on the internet, give Milliner’s other artwork a glance at his official site.

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