Scare The Neighbors with Hand Made ZOMBIE GNOMES!!


If you’re a fan of horror-themed gifts and you’re also wanting to add a gory as hell aesthetic to your garden, get ready for some pretty awesome decorations. Formed in 2011 by Chris Stever and Jane De Rosa, Chris and Jane’s Place hand crafts and paints garden gnomes with a twist: the gnomes are a part of a zombie outbreak!

“Something bad has happened in the garden. The once happy garden gnomes have been infected by a strange virus which has turned them into flesh eating monsters. There are only a few survivors left who are desperately trying to stay alive.”


Each gnome is made from scratch, hand painted, and features a gruesome appearance, guaranteed to bring a bloody and gruesomely fun look to your lawn/garden.

“This is Patient Zero, the first Zombie Gnome. No one is sure how he was effected. Some say his owners weren’t very nice to him and he went crazy with anger. Whatever the cause may be, he is a dangerous zombie who is a force to be reckoned with.”

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“This is Wyrick, one of the few surviving gnomes in the garden. He is desperately looking for his wife Mayfield and his son Shamip. He was on a trip when the virus took effect and has been looking for his family ever since. Wyrick is armed with his trusty axe and flint lock pistol. In other words don’t f*&% with him. He has killed many a zombie and he won’t hesitate to kill another.”

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“Summer and Liam are in love and what better way to show their undying dedication to one another than to slay some Zombies on Valentines day. They have been tracking the big bad zombie, Aurelius the Unruly, in hopes to end the terror that he has reaped upon the garden. Today they have finally caught up with this blood gulping killer and have introduced him to Mr. Pointy. And they show that the couple that slays together, stays together. Ah Love.”

In addition to these awesome Zombie Gnomes, there are quite a few others to choose from, all which include FREE SHIPPING! Check them out!

For more info on how to order a Zombie Gnome, check out the following sites:

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