Mondo Slices ROB’s MANIAC Score Onto Vinyl!


Frank Khalfoun & Alexandre Aja’s modern redux of Frank Lustig’s sleaze capsule MANIAC is majorly impressive, and what I believe to be one of the best slashers to emerge in quite some time. It’s enormously creepy thanks to Elijah Wood’s largely off screen-sympathetically schizo turn as Frank Zito, and features some tremendous gore courtesy of KNB!

The major thing to take away from the film is ROB’s moody synth score that really lingers with you, and feels authentically 80s. Before it’s June 21st limited theatrical release, Mondo wants to acquaint you with the score early with a limited edition vinyl of the soundtrack! First dibs will go to Texas Frightmare attendees, and the rest will be for sale over at Mondo’s official site. Jeff Proctor’s illustrated prints will also be on sale for con-goers, and will have a release on the site too.

Thanks to Quint over at AICN, and check ’em out below!



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