NECA’s Upcoming FREDDY’S DEAD Figure Is Playing With Power!


I’m willing to bet if you asked any horror fan what their least favorite ELM STREET sequel is, it’d be a unanimous vote for FREDDY’S DEAD. The 6th entry in the franchise has the Dream Demon in full on stand-up comic mode, so much that it infamously features Freddy donning a powerglove to kill a stoned Breckin Meyer in a video game. It makes Lucas’ iconic quote “it’s so bad” take on a new meaning.

Leave it to cult collectible makers NECA to immortalize that scene with their upcoming Powerglove Freddy figure! No matter how much I dislike this sequel, how can you or I not add this to our collection!? It’s great to see NECA continuing the line of their great ANOES figures and I hope we get some cool variants from the other films. Now where’s our Phantom Prowler figure!


You’ll be able to play with power come this September.

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