Icons’ Staff Talks Rob Zombie & THE LORDS OF SALEM On SEND MORE COPS Podcast!


The divide on Rob Zombie’s THE LORDS OF SALEM isn’t split down the middle 50/50, but more like 10/90. 10% being the few who really dig the film. 90% being the many who despise it (including our own Rob Galluzzo!). Our editor Jerry drove 45 minutes to a screening and reviewed the film last week (hint, he loved it). Amazingly, Anchor Bay got LORDS to open at my local cineplex, so I hightailed it down there last Sunday to catch the next screening (hint, I loved it).

Since the film has opened wide now giving everyone a chance to see it, the opinions, reviews and tweets poured in, and the general consensus was largely negative.  A bit flabbergasted, Jerry & I took to Twitter and found a scant few who dug the film like we did (including Icons newcomer Kalyn and our mask wearing-denim loving friend Wolfman), and we decided to record a podcast discussing all things Rob Zombie and THE LORDS OF SALEM!

You can listen to that episode titled “The Icons of the Lords of Fright of Salem” over at Wolfman’s SEND MORE COPS podcast here:

Lets know if you enjoyed the show, so we can build the courage up to get an official ICONS OF FRIGHT podcast up & running!

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