Short Film Review: HELL’S BELLES!


Imagine this: Two sexy bitchin’ bad ass chicks who are inexperienced occult specialists that drive a hearse and get their plans of going to a bar for drinks disrupted, when they are called over with desperate urgency, by a local cop to help save a young girl who his held prisoner by a sadistic demon from hell. Mmmhmm! Sounds pretty damn awesome, huh!? This would be Christian Ackerman’s indie horror-comedy short, HELL’S BELLES! Well, not only is it awesome and hilarious, it’s also quite a tease in my opinion!

After watching HELL’S BELLES, I wanted to see more! I want to know more about Adria and Helena and their background and the world they live in. I want to see their next adventures in kicking some more ghoulish demons ass and exorcizing some devil possessed, ‘Betty Crocker’ housewives!!! I couldn’t stop thinking about how awesome it would be to see these characters in a full-blown feature film! I do know this was Ackerman’s intention to produce a short to introduce you to these characters and give you a little taste of the world of HELL’S BELLES to promote a  feature film that will hopefully manifest in the near future.

hells bell

The two fearless, demon ass-kicking belles, Adria and Helena, are played by Ariel Teal Combs (who is the daughter of legendary professional wrestler ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper) and Mayra Rodriguez with fierce attitude and sexy flare. You can tell these actresses are having loads of fun with these characters. HELL’S BELLES has  quite a polished look for being so independent. There is definitely a grindhouse vibe from the first shot to the last. The dialogue is sharp and fun! The characters, including the demon, are in sync with their frivolousness, creating a world where anything is possible.  You will be either laughing or smiling in the duration of this short.

Written & directed by Christian Ackerman and produced by Drina Durazo, HELL’S BELLES has already in their festival run won 15 awards, including Best Short, Best Feature Script, Best Producer and so on! I had the pleasure of meeting Christian Ackerman & Drina Durazo at a mixer in LA and got to engage in conversation with these delightful, genuinely friendly cats about good/bad remakes, our thoughts on Fede Alvarez’s EVIL DEAD, and Ackerman’s plans and details on turning HELL’S BELLES into a feature film. I dig Ackerman’s vision. It sounds like he has nothing but devilishly fun ideas saturating throughout the script for the feature length film of HELL’S BELLES! I hope to hear more and cant wait to see what other projects Ackerman will be cooking up in the future. I’ve always been passionate about supporting independent film and artists. There is a beauty, a raw sense of magic, and a refreshingly quality to independent shorts or features that you can’t get from a big budget picture experience.


If you like horror comedies with a satanic edge, take 15 minutes of your time and check out Christian Ackerman’s wickedly funny short HELL’S BELLES!! You can watch it on VIMEO or It’s a fun ride and it will leave you wanting more! Oh, and don’t forget to watch the hilarious ending credits all the way through!

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