2-Disc STILL SCREAMING Bonus Features Available to Preorder!!

stillscreaminghiresRyan Turek’s STILL SCREAMING documentary pretty much covered all there is to know regarding the SCREAM series, but a little known fact, is that Turek and producer Anthony Masi (producer of HALLOWEEN: 25 YEARS OF TERROR and also Icons of Fright head honcho Rob G’s THE PSYCHO LEGACY) handed over more than four hours of bonus features for the doc to Lionsgate, who ended up not using the footage.

Well, SCREAM fans, the team behind the documentary have put together a brand new 2-disc DVD of the STILL SCREAMING Bonus Features, and preorders for that set are now ready to go. Everything from extended interviews to memorabilia segments, it’s all in there. So, if you’re a fan of Turek’s doc (I don’t even like the SCREAM series, but LOVED STILL SCREAMING) , or just a fan of the series, check it out!


Preorders for the STILL SCREAMING 2-DISC BONUS FEATURES can be made HERE.


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